Library (Plans, Agreements, Etc.)


2000 Solid Waste Management Plan

The Tacoma-Pierce County Solid Waste Management Plan is a 20-year planning tool for the management of garbage, recycling and composting in Pierce County.


2008 Supplement

The 2008 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan contains a five-year schedule to meet goals, recommendations and policies.

The supplement amends the 2000 Plan—it does not replace it. The two documents should be used together.


2008 Environmental Documents

Environmental review of the impact of the program actions in the 2008 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan. 

FEIS Addendum

Final Environmental Impact Statement


SEPA Addendum

State Environmental Policy Act document



Waste Handling Agreement (WHA)

A contract between Pierce County and PCRCD, LLC to provide for the handling and disposal of all solid waste generated by residents and businesses in Pierce County (except for Tacoma, Auburn, Pacific, Ruston, and Joint Base Lewis-McChord).

Rate Setting Summary Chart (updated for page 59)


Interlocal Agreement With the City of Tacoma

Legal arrangement between Pierce County and the City of Tacoma that establishes the adoption and implementation of the Solid Waste Management Plan.

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