Airport Improvements

Completed Projects

Replace AWOS Computer System

The Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) at Thun Field was out of service. The computer system had failed and a new system has been installed.

Current Projects

Wildlife Hazard Assessment

The Wildlife Hazard Assessment will identify wildlife species and their numbers, locations, local movements, and daily and seasonal occurrences. The Assessment will also identify and locate features on or near the airport that attract wildlife, describe wildlife hazards to aircraft operations, and recommend actions for reducing wildlife hazards to airport operations.

Aircraft Operations Study

The study utilizes a wireless infrared camera system to captured aircraft takeoffs and landings. The traffic count data will be used during the upcoming master plan update to help Pierce County and the airport community plan for the future of the airport. The study started in April 2016 and will last 18 months. Learn more.

Future Projects

Hangar Improvements

This project includes reconstructing the roof and door infrastructures and installing new electrical in the five County owned hangars. The plans also include constructing one new hangar facility. Pierce County is currently in the preliminary design and environmental permitting process.

Airport Master Plan

The Pierce County Airport Thun Field Master Plan, last updated in 1999, is scheduled for its next update in 2017-18. The plan will provide an updated strategy for the development of the airport over the next 5, 10, and 20 years and beyond.

Obstruction Survey

The last obstruction survey was conducted in 2003 at Thun Field. An obstruction survey is currently planned as part of the master plan update in 2017-18. Airport obstruction surveys enhance the safety of the National Airspace System by identifying objects that could potentially pose hazards to aircraft on takeoff and landing.
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