Abandoned Vehicles

Abandoned Vehicle Enforcement & Removal

The Sheriff's Department has added a Community Service Officer (CSO) position specifically to address the abandoned vehicle problem in unincorporated Pierce County.

Roles & Responsibilities

The CSO assigned to this position works in the field removing abandoned vehicles from county roads and rights of way, as well as addressing parking violation complaints. The procedure used to enforce the impoundment of abandoned vehicles is found in RCW 46.55.085 and 46.55.010. These laws allow law enforcement officers to impound a vehicle and describes the requirements that have to be met when doing so.

Private Property

State law does not allow us to remove vehicles under most circumstances from private areas such as parking lots or other privately owned property. Pierce County Public Works and Utilities provides a program for identification and removal of junk vehicles on private property.

Report an Abandoned Vehicle

Please Call Pierce County Responds at (253)798-4636 for this service. To report abandoned vehicles that are on the right of way, please call (253) 798-3444.