Fleet Management

Evergreen Fleets As the first program of its kind in the nation, Evergreen Fleets assists fleets in making smart, environmentally responsible choices through a voluntary green certification program.

Evergreen Fleets is open to anyone - fleets, vendors, or organizations looking to green their operations. Taking proactive measures to reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions is no longer just an option slowing the damaging effects of pollution is an immediate and pressing responsibility for us all.

The Puget Sound Clean Cities Coalition (PSCCC) is a voluntary, public/private partnership that works to advance the region's environmental and public health, energy security and economic development by promoting policies and practices that reduce petroleum consumption in transportation.

Fuel Reduction

Idling your vehicle is a waste of gas and it pollutes our air. Most people who idle hold on to old untrue myths.
When you idle you get 0 miles per gallon and you contribute lots of pollution into our air. For every 10 minutes of idling you have wasted enough gas to travel 5 miles. Exhaust fumes are toxic and can be compared to second hand tobacco smoke, and wood smoke.
Save some money and do something good for the environment, stop idling you vehicle.

Transportation Challenges

In Pierce County more than 89,000 commuters leave the county every day to go to work. Driving vehicles is increasingly expensive for you and the environment. With an increase in vehicles miles traveled, we also experience an increase in air pollution, traffic congestion and fuel consumption.

Pierce County Governments 2015 Transportation Goal: 50% of Pierce County's general use fleet to be hybrid/electric/alternative fuel vehicles. 25% of Pierce County employee commute trips will be public transit, carpool/vanpool, bicycle, walk, drive electric vehicles, telecommute or compressed work week.

Tips for saving gas:

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Commute Trip Reduction

Explore alternatives to single occupant gas fueled trips:

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Electric and Hybrid Vehicles

Discover advances in hybrid and electric vehicles.

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