Water Quality

On an average day, it's estimated that 3,400 pounds of toxic chemicals including petroleum, copper, lead, zinc, and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) enter Puget Sound. About 75 percent of the toxic chemicals getting to the Sound are carried by stormwater that runs off paved roads and driveways, rooftops, yards and other developed land.

Pierce County has set a goal to reduce water use by 10% in County owned facilities and improve the water quality grade of our streams from a C to a B- .

Pierce County is a founding member of the Puget Sound Partnership. We have been working for decades to improve water quality in this county. Please follow the links below to learn about what you can do to improve the health of our lakes, streams and Puget Sound.

Water Quality/Stormwater Resources

Puget Sound Partnership

Puget Sound Starts Here

WA State Department of Ecology

Get Involved

Citizens for a Healthy Bay
DrainMarkers Program

Harbor WildWatch

Pierce County Stream Team

Pierce County Watershed Councils

People For Puget Sound

Puget Creek Restoration Society

Salmon Safe

Stewardship Partners