Indoor Courts

Sprinker has four indoor and six outdoor tennis courts, a pro shop and five racquetball courts. Reservations may be made up to seven days in advance by calling the tennis pro shop at (253) 531-6300.

Many activities are available including private and group lessons, league, block usage and tournaments. Equipment such as a ball machine and rackets are available along with complete locker room facilities.


Sprinker is dedicated to bringing tennis to every adult and child who wants to learn to play. The program is designed with age-specific classes, each one organized in skill levels. Our goal is to get entry level players to develop the skills to participate in games and activities.


Sprinker has five racquetball courts. Court times are for one hour except for early bird and late night times, which must be paid for in advance. Contact the pro shop for the most current rates.


Wallyball is a team game that is played with a round inflated ball in an area where a net is placed between two or more walls. Play is started by one team hitting the ball off the wall or directly over the net to the opposing team's floor area. The opposing team attempts to prevent this by hitting the ball off the side or back wall and volleying it back over the net. The ball is out of bounds whenever it touches the ceiling, hits the back wall, or hits two or more walls on the serve or a volley.

Points are scored when the team receiving the serve or the volley fails to return it in the manner allowed by the rules. The team to score 15 points first or the most points in a predetermined time wins. A $10 refundable deposit is required each time you play. Contact the pro shop for the most current rates.

Outdoor Facilities

The outdoor facilities are a popular site for team sports competitions including baseball, fast-pitch and slow-pitch softball, soccer and football. These facilities can be rented for special tournaments and events. In addition the site has a skateboard park, pickle ball and basketball courts and a practice mountain climbing rock called SPIRE Rock.

New Playground & Picnic Area

Sprinker Recreation Center's newly equipped playground and picnic area opened Friday, May 16, 2008. The ribbon cutting ceremony recognized the efforts of the Spanaway Home Depot, Thompson Elementary School and Native Plant Salvage Alliance.

The play equipment features slides of various sizes and curves, a climbing wall, funnel bridges, overhead climbers, swings and a stock car spring toy. The new family picnic area was made possible by the financial and volunteer contributions of Home Depot of Spanaway and the Native Plant Salvage Alliance.
Home Depot Community Project Coordinator Heather Ely is working with Thompson Elementary to create an art project to enhance the picnic area's beauty and entertainment value. The school's art department plans to add paintings incorporating school yard familiar games such as tic-tac-toe and hopscotch and other games representing cultures in other countries.

Facility Rentals

Everything from field rental and fully equipped kitchens to meeting rooms and an ice skating arena are available. Specialized areas are reserved for such activities as dancing, banquets, business gatherings, class and workshop demonstrations, wedding receptions, retirement parties, private skating or broom hockey parties and team tournaments. Small and large groups can all be accommodated. For more information please contact the Sprinker Recreation Center at (253) 798-4000.
Sprinker Recreation Center Rooms