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Did you know?
Pierce County receives 38-56 inches of rain per year. Rain that does not soak into the ground turns into runoff that picks up oils, fertilizers, and other chemicals along the way that pollute our streams, rivers and Puget Sound. Trees can help soak up that polluted runoff and filter it.
How to Plant a Tree Video
Why plant trees?

Trees catch rainwater and slow runoff, which cleans the water and reduces the risk of flooding. Trees help prevent erosion along stream banks and allow more water to soak into the ground to replenish groundwater.
Benefits include:
  • Trees increase property value
  • Trees shade our homes and protect against cold during the winter
  • Trees filter pollutants out of runoff as water drains through roots and soil
  • Trees provide habitat for birds, butterflies and beneficial insects

Tree Planting Handout:

Tree Brochure Web Link

Tree Planting Resources:

  • Trees are Good - Find an arborist in your area and other tree care information
  • Great Plant Picks - Find a great tree for your yard
  • Washington Native Plant Society - Find native trees and plants for your yard
  • Natural Yard Care - Reduce your use of fertilizer and pesticide
  • Arbor Day Foundation
  • Let the Rain Soak In - Learn other ways to encourage rain to soak into the ground
  • Community Forestry Program - Washington State Department of Natural Resources
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