Analysis and Data Construction


The Information Technology Spatial Services Division provides advanced GIS analysis services in support of County business including spatial analysis, statistical analysis, network analysis for transportation or utility purposes, and 3D analysis using LIDAR and other 3D-enhanced data.

Recent projects include demographic analyses, hot-spot and other statistical analyses, time-of-travel and shortest distance analyses, change detection, siting analyses, utility flow and interruption analyses, etc. GIS tools, training and support are made available by Spatial Services to tackle these and other analysis needs the County and those using our GIS Services may require.

Data construction services:

The IT Spatial Services Division provides data construction services for large-scale mapping datasets. Services offered are database design; GPS hardware, data dictionary development and training if needed; county staff to manage/coordinate data collection efforts; training to enable users to maintain data into the future; and other consultation as required.

Recent major data construction efforts include stormwater drainage for Pierce County and several cities, fire hydrants for several Pierce County fire districts, and street assets for Pierce County and several cities.

Data quality control:

Pierce County Information Technology Spatial Services Division is responsible for enterprise datasets like orthophotography, planimetrics, and LIDAR, ensuring quality and adherence to contract specifications. These datasets are used by Pierce County staff, but provided by 3rd party vendors. If you are interested in obtaining any of these datasets from the data source, please use the following links:
Pierce County Orthophotography
Pierce County Planimetrics
Pierce County LiDAR