1. Building Permits

    Planning & Land Services manages building permits in areas of Pierce County. Apply for permits online.

  2. Community Resources

    The Pierce County Department of Community Connections provides assistance to people in need, including: developmentally disabled children and adults, low-income families, and seniors and adults with disabilities

  3. County Ferry

    The Pierce County Ferry provides service to Anderson and Ketron Islands from Steilacoom.

  4. Emergency Preparedness

    Learn how to be prepared for emergencies.

  5. Fire Marshal

    The Fire Marshal provides fire safety tips as well as permits and inspections.

  6. Recycling & Garbage

    Public Works & Utilities provides recycling and garbage services in areas of Pierce County.

  7. Licensing

    The Pierce County Auditor provides licensing services for pets, marriages, businesses, and autos and boats.

  8. Passports

    The Pierce County Auditor provides passport services.

  9. Pierce County TV

    Pierce County Television (PCTV) creates and manages government access programming. Programming includes gavel-to-gavel meeting coverage, locally produced material, and original news and magazine shows.

  10. Property Information

    Find information about your property including permits, property records and maps.

  11. Public Records Request

    Find publicly available information or request public records.

  12. Report a Problem

    Report a problem such as illegal dumping, nuisance animals, road maintenance and sign problems.

  13. Safety & Judicial

  14. Sustainability

    The Pierce County Office of Sustainability works to establish, coordinate and measure the effectiveness of initiatives that improve sustainable practices in the county government.

  15. Sewer

    Find out about the Sewer Division.

  16. Veterans Bureau

    The Pierce County Veterans Bureau provides emergency assistance with food, rent and utilities to qualified indigent veterans and family members.

  17. Volunteer Opportunities

    Explore volunteer opportunities throughout Pierce County.

  18. Voting

    The Pierce County Auditor provides voting services in Pierce County.