General Information

  1. District Court Records Requests

    Find out how to request a court record.

  2. Fees

    View the District Court's fee schedule to learn how much filing fees, name changes and transcripts cost.

  3. Marriage Ceremony Providers

    Learn how to apply for a marriage license and/or request a judge.

  4. What Can Court Staff Do

    Find out what services the District Court staff can and cannot do.

  5. Local Rules

    Access useful links to state and local court rules.

  6. Holidays

    View our holiday schedule to see what days of the year the District Court is closed.

  7. Courtroom Conduct

    Learn about the proper dress and etiquette required in the courtroom.

  8. Locations

    Access information about out two locations, including hours and contact information.

  9. Glossary

    Ever wonder what all those legal terms mean? Check out our glossary of common words and phrases used within the District Court system.