South Fork Floodplain Restoration

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What's Happening

In August, 2016, 200 logs from the US Army Corps of Engineers' dam at Mud Mountain were donated for use on this site. These logs will be used during Phase 2 construction. The US Army Corps of Engineers provides logs that are removed from the area upstream of the dam to salmon habitat restoration projects.

Underground utility movement will take place in 2016-2017. Phase 2 construction is anticipated to start again in summer 2017 or 2018 when utility work is completed.

About the Project

The South Fork Road Floodplain Restoration project currently has a 2,000-foot side channel and a 1,100-foot backwater channel. In addition to building these channels, crews built engineered log jams in the channels, constructed a perimeter access road and planted native plants.

The final phase of the project (anticipated construction 2017 or 2018) will complete the side channel’s second segment (1,300 lineal feet), install engineered log jams, native plants, a bridge crossing structure and relocate utilities. The downstream end of the side channel will be connected to the Puyallup River, creating a total side channel length of about 4,200 linear feet.


This project is funded with grants from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board and Department of Ecology Floodplain by Design program and Pierce County Real Estate Excise Tax.

Benefits include:
  • Flood risk reduction for neighborhoods along the east-side of the Puyallup River.
  • Restoration of the floodplain, which allows the river to function more naturally by providing flood storage in a new side channel.
  • Provides salmon habitat for spawning during the summer and fall and juvenile salmon rearing during the winter, especially beneficial to endangered Chinook salmon.
Project Timeline

July - August 2013: Construction
Winter 2013-2014: Planting
Summer 2014: Phase IIa completed
Summer 2017 or 2018: Phase IIb (Utility Relocation Work, Anticipated Winter-Spring 2017)
Future: Future phases of this project are currently unfunded. When funding becomes available a timeline will be established.
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