Neadham Road Property Acquisition

What's Happening

For several years, Pierce County has purchased properties on Neadham Road because of repetitive flooding in the neighborhood. Once the county has finished buying land, the next step will include setting levees back to allow the river more lateral movement and potentially reducing flood risk down river.

In 2016, the county continued purchasing properties from willing sellers using funds from Floodplains by Design and the Flood Control Zone District.

In 2015, nine homes were purchased using funds from the Floodplains by Design program. A grant from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board will allow the purchase of two more homes and some preliminary engineering for restoring the floodplain to the area.

Pierce County was allocated funding in the 2013-2015 Coordinated Investment Funding in the state budget to purchase homes in the flood hazard zone along Neadham Road, south of Orting.

Funding available at the time was about $3.3 million. This was only adequate to buy nine homes. The county's goal is to purchase all of the homes along Neadham Road as funds become available and allow the area to revert back to floodplain.

Existing flood protection facilities will be maintained as the acquisitions proceed. If a major flood severely damages these facilities, the county will assess the damage and decide how to proceed.

Public Meeting About Property Acquisition on Neadham Road
A public meeting was held Oct. 29, 2012, at Orting Lions Club, to give residents more information about the acquisition process. The following resources were shared at the meeting:
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