198th Av E/199th Av Ct E - Rhodes Lake Rd E to 104th St E (CRP 5676)

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What's Happening


Pierce County along with Newland Communities has completed the design of the initial Stage 1 project which includes: design of the roadway, lighting, traffic signal system, storm drainage system and stormwater treatment facilities.


Right-of-way plans for the roadway between Rhodes Lake Road East and 104th Street East were completed in August 2007. Right of Way for property and easements needed between Bonney Lake High School and Rhodes Lake Road East.

About the Project

Improvements are planned to 3,000 feet of 198th Avenue East/199th Avenue Court East between Rhodes Lake Road East and 104th Street East (CRP 5676). The project will be built in stages as Tehaleh development occurs and also accommodate future widening by Pierce County.

The initial, or Stage 1, project will:
  • Construct the roadway consisting of two to three lanes between 107th Street Court East and Rhodes Lake Road East.
  • Construct traffic signals at the entrance to Bonney Lake High School and at the Rhodes Lake Road East intersection.
Future phases by Pierce County, depending on traffic growth, will:
  • Widen the roadway to four to five lanes between 104th Street East and Rhodes Lake Road East.

Project Timeline

Spring 2014:
Begin Stage 1 construction from 107th Street Court East to Rhodes Lake Road East.

2014 and Beyond: The schedule for future Stages has not been determined.

Summer 2016: Installing street light system in new roadway section.

Spring 2016: Pave new section and install first new signal system at 198th and Rhodes Lake Road East.

Summer 2017: 198th and 120th new signal and intersection.

Fall 2017: Substantial Completion.

Spring 2018: Physical Completion.
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