Projects of Interest

  1. 2016 Community Plan Updates

    2016-2017 Community Plan Updates to the Frederickson, Mid-County, Parkland-Spanaway-Midland, and South Hill Community Plans, Pierce County Community Plan Updates.

  2. 2016 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

    Information about proposed amendments to the Comprehensive Plan including the Agricultural Resource Land (ARL) amendments.

  3. Farming Programs

    Please visit this website to learn more about farming in Pierce County!

  4. Marijuana Regulations

    Information and regulations regarding marijuana related uses in Pierce County.

  5. New Permit-Exempt Wells Policy Change

    Information about a new policy regarding new permit-exempt wells for building permits or subdivisions.

  6. Shoreline Plan

    Information on the proposed changes to the County's Shoreline Plan.

  7. Tehaleh

    Learn more information about the Tehaleh project and employment based planned community planning.