Community Plan Updates


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The County Council's Community Development Committee (CDC) will review a progress report on the Community Plan Updates on August 7th, 2017 at 1:30 p.m. Full progress report
During the 2015 Comprehensive Plan update process, several communities expressed interest in updating their Community Plans. The Pierce County Council has directed the Planning Division to prepare updates of 4 community plans. The update will include a review of individual community issues and interests for each plan area and may identify issues that are common to all 4 areas.

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Community Plan Updates are taking place in the 4 communities shown below. A large portion of these communities are part of Pierce County's unincorporated urban growth area which has seen significant growth over the last few decades. While these communities are unique and have their own identities, they are connected and share many of the same challenges when it comes to growth, development, and transportation. While reviewing the community plans it is important to highlight the unique characteristics while also addressing the big picture issues.

For more information about a specific plan area click the plan area on the map below:
Frederickson Mid-County Parkland-Spanaway-Midland South Hill