Project Background


Master Site Plan Update





The original Master Site Plan was adopted in 1997, with a review and update completed in 2007. The 2017 update will include two main parts. The first part consists of an overall update of the MSP as it relates to the entire 930+ acre park: 

  • Identifying projects completed to date and incorporating changes since the 2007 MSP update 
  • Verifying and updating uses for the Central Area and Chambers Creek Canyon 
  • Reviewing and adjusting standards for parking allocation and design guidelines 
  • Analyzing potential impacts of new uses 
  • Conducting required environmental analysis and documentation

The second part of the update focuses on completing the Plan for the area south of the wastewater treatment plant, referred to as the South Area. The South Area presents a unique opportunity to design park elements for a site that is surrounded by water on three sides. 

The Master Site Plan Update is funded by Pierce County and includes the involvement of representatives from the surrounding cities of University Place and Lakewood. May 26th, 2016 was our first project open house and successfully kicks off a six month public engagement process. To make sure you stay up to date, please be sure to visit our community engagement page.