Geographic Information Systems (GIS)

The Pierce County Spatial Services team includes Geographic Information Services and the Enterprise Asset Management system. We design, develop and maintain countywide geographic information systems, geospatial applications and spatial datasets.

IT/SS serves 700 internal and external GIS users, as well as 32 agencies and local businesses. We have developed 70-plus GIS applications that enhance our ability to provide desktop, online and mobile GIS solutions to county departments, regional partners and the public.

For further information, please visit the following links:

Analysis & Data Construction
Learn more about advanced services such as spatial and statistical analysis, network analysis for transportation or utility purposes, and LIDAR 3D analysis.

GIS Applications
Check out Pierce County's free online applications!

GIS Partner Services
Pierce County provides GIS applications, data, and services to agencies and businesses within Pierce County.

Maps and Data
Find digital and paper maps available from Pierce County and other sources, or browse the online GIS data catalog.