Browns Point Generator Replacement

Browns Point Pump station

About the Project

The Contractor, (Contractor name), is replacing existing standby generators at pump station 35 and pump station 36 located in Browns Point (click here to view location map). The work also includes installation of upgraded muffler systems and air intake and exhaust louvers. The new generators will have above ground fuel tanks located inside the generator building, replacing the existing underground storage tanks. The old underground tanks will be closed with removal scheduled in a future project. 

The existing generators were installed over 30 years ago and have reached the end of their expected useful life. The generators are used during power outages to keep the sewage pump station in service and avoid a possible wastewater overflow.  

Project Funding

Browns Point Generator Replacement—CIP 7282—Project P-10596

Total Project Cost:

Approximately $170,000

Project Funding Sources:

Funded by sewer ratepayer fees

Construction Contractor:


Project Timeline 

Begin Construction:

Summer 2018

Anticipated Completion Date:

September 2018