Tax & Assessment Information

  1. Facts About Property Taxes

    Browse facts about property taxes and why taxes are collected.

  2. Land Segregation & Combinations

    Read about transactions dealing with real property that change property boundaries must be in compliance.

  3. Levies

    Discover why the Assessor-Treasurer's Office must determine the property tax base for each taxing district.

  4. Name & Address Changes

    Submit the correct name and address information to the assessor-treasurer.

  5. Property Assessment

    Learn why assessors are required to value all taxable property of its true and fair market value.

  6. Property Subject to Valuation & Taxation

    Read about the property categories of real and personal property.

  7. Special Assessments

    Information on Special Assessments

  8. Tax Bills & Payments

    Browse tax bill statement and payment information.