Are there other locations where I can license my pet?
Yes, you can visit one of our subagents:

Bayside Animal Lodge | 253-851-9170
12615 134th Ave KPN, Gig Harbor

Brookside Vet | 253-857-7302
13701 118th Ave NW, Gig Harbor

EZ Auto Title & Licensing | 253-875-7732
22225 Mountain Hwy E, Spanaway

McCallum License Agency | 253-841-0245
16126 Meridian E, Puyallup

Northwest Spay & Neuter Center | 253-627-7729
6401 Pacific Ave, Tacoma

Paws-Abilities | 253-486-6557
7338 26th St E, Bldg F, Fife

Pet Ponderosa Resorts & Spas | 253-847-7763
9211 204th St E, Graham

Sumner Veterinary Hospital | 253-863-2258
16024 60th St E, Sumner

The Humane Society | 253-383-2733
2608 Center St, Tacoma

Fife License & Title | 253-926-8227
4905 Pacific Hwy E, Fife

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