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Road Design in Pierce County
The Transportation Improvement Section plans and designs road projects in Pierce County.

 Road Projects
County Road
 Field Engineering
Road Related
 Right Of Way Plans
Right of Way
 Project Funding
Who we are:
  • Designs road projects in the Transportation Improvement Program (TIP)
  • Prepares right of way plans for road projects
  • Coordinates with utility companies related to transportation projects
  • Manages consultants in the delivery of county road projects

Environmental Resources 
  • Prepares and reviews environmental documentation
  • Obtains environmental permits
  • Designs and monitors wetland and habitat plans for projects

Program Development
  • Programs of transportation-related capital expenditures
  • Manages Construction Fund Management System (CFMS)
  • Developments specific projects in the area of scoping, project financing exploration and development, grants acquisition and management, and engineering evaluations.

Right of Way
Responsible for the acquisition of properties and property rights necessary for public works projects including:
  • Ownership and title information
  • Appraisal and appraisal review
  • Acquisition Brochure
  • Relocation assistance

Program Management
  • Coordinates CAD/CAE support programs
  • Coordinates webpage training and management
  • Manages property in custody of County Engineer
  • Provides assistance and guidance in project delivery

Contact Us
Transportation Improvement Section

Engineering Manager
Letticia Neal, P.E.
Ph: (253) 798-7041 
Fax: (253) 798-4233
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Design Supervisors
Patrick Baughman, P.E., PMP
Ph: (253) 798-3157
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Gregory Hess, P.E.
Ph: (253) 798-2283
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Environmental Resources Supervisor
Brian Johnston
Ph: (253) 798-7046
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Program Development Supervisor
Clint Ritter, P.E.
Ph: (253) 798-2762
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Right of Way Supervisor
Jeff Wong, SR/WA
Ph: (253) 798-7190
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Program Management Supervisor
Dawn Borgeson, PMP
Ph: (253) 798-2272

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