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Hazardous Devices Squad
Roles & Responsibilities
The Pierce County Sheriff Department Hazardous Devices (Bomb) Squad provides service to not only the residents of Pierce County, but other local, state and federal agencies as well. The bomb squad is not a regular duty, full-time operation. It comprises three deputies, one detective, and one sergeant. These personnel are on call (24 hours a day) and are brought together from their normal duty assignments to respond to bomb and explosive related incidents all over the county.

Major Services
Some of the major services provided by the unit include: 
  • Collection of evidence at bombing scenes 
  • Disposal of found explosive materials and chemicals 
  • Investigation of bomb threats to schools / businesses 
  • Investigations of suspicious packages 
  • Performing bomb sweeps and security for dignitaries 
  • Providing bomb threat awareness and safety programs 
  • Render safe operations performed on explosive devices 

Our primary mission will always be to protect human life and minimize property damage in our community.

For More Information
For more information, contact the Pierce County Sheriff's Department administration at (253) 798-7530.