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Waller Road East / 128th Street East (CRP 5633)
Waller Road East and 128th Street East



CRP 5581 Right-Of-Way Plans
Right-Of-Way Plans 

What's Happening
Engineering: We are completing the engineering for the project.  We've completed horizontal and vertical alignments, designed the stormwater conveyance and treatment, and designed the new signal system.

Land: Purchase of the additional right of way needed to construct the project is underway.

Survey: Site survey is complete.
About the Project
Planned improvements to the intersection of Waller Road East / 128th Street East (CRP 5633) include the following:
  • Installing a new traffic signal system.
  • Installing street lighting at the intersection.
  • Constructing left-turn lanes on all four legs of the intersection.
  • Widening Waller Road East and 128th Street East to include paved shoulders.
  • Constructing asphalt barrier curb at each corner of the intersection.
  • Additional improvements may include construction of a storm drainage system.
Project Timeline
May 2011 to February 2016: Preliminary engineering including stormwater treatment, environmental review, preliminary plans and estimate.

February 2016 to March 2017: Right-of-way acquisition, environmental permitting, and final engineering.

March 2017: Advertisement for bids.

Summer 2017: Construction.
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Patrick Baughman, P.E., PMP
Design Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-3157
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