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PALS Frequently Asked Questions
Additions, Remodels and Repairs
Questions about these smaller project types.

Building Inspections
Questions about the inspection process for Building Permits.

Building Permits
Questions about Building Permit requirements and the process.

Bulkheads, Fences and Retaining Walls
Questions specific to these types of projects.

Cargo Container Storage

Chickens, Livestock and Pets

Credits, Fees and Refunds
Questions about how we handle crediting or refunding fees.

Critical Areas, Fish & Wildlife and Wetlands
Questions related to projects that have special environmental related constraints.

Driveway Permits
Questions related to permitting a driveway or road approach.

Environmental or SEPA
Questions related to the environmental review and/or the SEPA process.

Financial Guarantees
Questions about working with and bonding parts of a project.

Questions related to projects or properties that are in a flood area.

Forest Practices
Questions about the Forest Practice process.

Garages, Sheds and Decks
Questions related to these specific project types.

Gate Permits
Questions about the requirements and permitting of gates that cross roads and/or driveways.

General Information
General questions.

Height & Setbacks
Questions about building height and setback requirements.

Historic Preservation
Questions about historic preservation and the possible impacts to a project.

Home Occupation
Questions about running a business from a house.

Land Division
Questions about subdividing or platting property.

Landuse / Zoning
Questions about allowable uses and zoning.

Mechanical / Plumbing
Questions about mechanical and plumbing permits.

Online Permits Website
Questions about using our Online Permits website.

Recording Documents
Questions about recording documents.

Site Development
Questions about the processing and requirements to obtain a Site Development Permit.

Site Development Inspections
Questions about the inspection process on Site Development Permits.

Swimming Pools
Questions about the permit and construction requirements for swimming pools.

Tiny Homes
Questions about Tiny Homes and permit requirements.

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