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Pilot/Tenant Operations
  • ATIS: 124.05
  • UNICOM: 122.95
  • GND: 121.8
  • Tower/CTAF: 118.5
  • APP/DEP: 120.1
  • Approaches:
    • Rwy 17:
      ILS, RNAV (GPS)
    • Rwy 35:
      RNAV (GPS), NDB
  • Latitude: N 47° 16.69'
  • Longitude: W 122° 34.69'
  • ASOS: (253) 858-6507
  • Fuel: Jet A, 100LL
  • Runway 17/35: 5002' x 100', Asphalt
  • Taxiway: 5002' x 75'
  • Pavement Load Limit:
    Variable, Check A/FD
  • Elevation: 294' MSL
  • TPA: 1294' MSL (1,000' AGL)
  • Left traffic 17; Right traffic 35
  • Approach Lights:
    • Rwy 17: MALSR, PAPI (3°)
    • Rwy 17 MALSR/PAPI via PCL (CTAF)
    • Rwy 35: REIL, VASI (3°)
  • Runway Lights: MIRL (dusk to dawn)
  • Taxiway Lights: Dusk to dawn 
  • Tower Open: 0800-2000 Local Time

Please Keep in Mind
This is a noise sensitive airport. Deer are in the vicinity of the airport.

International Operations
This is a customs landing rights airport; however, customs is available only by advance appointment. To contact customs, call (253) 593-6338, Extension 2.

Rules & Regulations
The Tacoma Narrows Airport Rules & Regulations were originally codified by the City of Tacoma in Tacoma Municipal Code (TMC) Article 15 - Airports

Airport Services Available
Jet A via FBOs
100LL via FBOs or via 24/7 self-serve facility with credit card (self-serve located on north apron)  Aircraft repair

Avionics sales and repair

Flight training

For specific business information, see the Businesses at TIW page.

Staying Current
Stay up to date with the latest news and events at Tacoma Narrows Airport (TIW)
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Pilot-Tenant Meetings
Pilot-Tenant meetings are held on an as-needed basis and not on a regular schedule. An Alert will be issued whenever a meeting is planned; the date, time, and location will also be posted here.