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Zoning Designations for Agricultural Lands
Zoning Designations for Agricultural Lands
The following two zoning designations are specifically for agricultural lands.

Rural Farm
The Rural Farm (RF) zone classification is intended to protect agricultural lands that may or may not have prime agricultural soils, but have been historically or currently used for agricultural lands.

Agricultural Resource Lands

The Agricultural Resources Land (ARL) classification is a resource based zone. The purpose of this designation is to promote long term commercially significant agricultural resource use. ARL sites designated as such if they contain prime agriculture soils with high yield of 3.5 tons/legumes/per acre, and the parcel is greater than 5 acres or contiguous parcels that make up 5 acres or greater.
The map below depicts locations of ARL and RF within unincorporated Pierce County.[1] Click on sections of the map to view larger versions.                    

You can get more information about ARL and RF sites and locations by going to the Pierce County Public Geographic Information System.

[1] Section 18A.10.090 C.2.a; PCC Title 18A