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Bridge #26211-A / Fox Island Bridge Preliminary TS&L Study

Bridge Replacement Survey
This survey is now closed.  

Results of the survey will be posted soon.

What's Happening
Pierce County is monitoring the Fox Island Bridge through it's bridge inspection program. The Fox Island Bridge has a routine and UBIT (Under Bridge Inspection Truck) inspection every 24 months and an underwater inspection every 60 months.  Both inspections are scheduled for 2017.

Pierce County has selected a consultant to conduct the Preliminary Type, Size and Location (TS&L) Study for the Fox Island Bridge.  The consultant, HDR Engineering, has finished Phase 1 of this study.  Pierce County will review documentation and public input and determine scope and budget for future work.

The consultant is compiling the results of the bridge replacement survey and a report is anticipated in early April.

Reports and Presentations
Phase 1 Preliminary Type, Size and Location Reports
Fox IslandPresentation
        Fox Island Open House                 Fox Island Community
           Presentation held on                     Presentation held on
               08/02/2016                                  09/24/2013
     Download the Presentation(pdf)         Download the Presentation(pdf)
    Resident feedback from the open
         house can be seen here
Historic & Existing Bridge Information
Existing Bridge Plans and Studies Recent Bridge Inspections
Historic Pictures


  Fox Island Bridge 1953
 Download Fox Island Bridge
     Museum Pictures

Project Timeline
2016: Preliminary Type, Size and Location Study.
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