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62 Av E & 48 St E - Network Project
What’s happening
Pierce County will permanently close 62nd Avenue East at 52nd Street East in mid-May. This will create a dead end on 62nd Avenue East.

In addition, the intersection of 62nd Avenue East and 48th Street East will become an all-way stop.

The changes are expected to enhance safety, and reduce speeding and cut-through traffic in the neighborhood.

The changes are a result of Pierce County’s 62nd Avenue East Network Study, which was completed in November 2015. 

The county looked at traffic conditions on 62nd Avenue East, 66th Avenue East, 48th Street East, and 52nd Street East. 62nd Avenue East is a narrow roadway and has limited sight distance at 52nd Street East.

The county evaluated several alternatives to enhance safety while minimizing impacts to the neighborhood.

A neighborhood meeting was held in March to discuss the study and the proposed changes.

Contact us
Contact us at or (253) 798-7250.

Below is a pictorial representation of the roadway network after the improvements are installed.

Barricade AWS.png