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Frederickson Community Plan Update
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Note: Meeting materials can be found on the public meetings page
The Frederickson Community Plan and implementing regulations were adopted by Pierce County on October 28, 2003.  Frederickson is centrally located in Pierce County and encompasses approximately 8,000 acres. The community is home to the Frederickson Employment Center.

Over the past three decades, Frederickson, like many communities in Pierce County, has experienced tremendous growth. This period of growth has transformed the area from a quiet, rural community to a suburban community of many homes and businesses. Growth of industry and business within the area has also been significant with the arrival of The Boeing Company, Toray Composites, and dozens of other small and medium-sized businesses.

The community plan provides residents, property owners, business people, and Pierce County government with a detailed sense of how the community wants Frederickson to develop in the future. This Community Plan Update is a chance to review and identify issues within the Plan that may or may not reflect the Community's goals and vision for future development. There will be opportunities to comment on the plan and get involved with the update over the next 2 years.

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History of the Plan Area



 Community Vision

The community realizes that continued growth within Frederickson and the surrounding communities is inevitable. The challenge to the community is not to stop growth, but to control and plan for growth to occur in a manner which will have beneficial impacts on the community. This plan is premised on the idea that through proper management of growth, the community can avoid, minimize, or mitigate many existing and future problems. Responsible growth is the central concept of this plan.
Frederickson Vision Statement
The ideals set forth above are of paramount importance to the community. The community is also sensitive to the rights of the landowner. The impact of the community plan on these rights must be carefully considered to ensure landowners will not be deprived of the reasonable use of their land.
Achievement of the goals of the plan will help ensure that a high quality living environment exists in the community. To strive for anything less would deprive current and future generations of the abundant benefits associated with a healthy natural environment, quality schools, roads, and parks, livable neighborhoods, sustainable commercial and industrial development, and a healthy local economy.
Demographics and Trends

Population Trends               

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Land Use Trends

Land Capacity

Land Use Designations and Zones


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