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Transportation Advisory Commission Membership
Voting Members

 Name Represents Term Length Term Expires
 Deryl McCarty  Community Groups  2 years 12/31/2018
 Paul Lubbesmeyer Community Groups 3 years 12/31/2019
 Donald Swensen Community Groups 4 years 12/31/2020
 Scott Jones Business 2 years 12/31/2018
 Jeremiah LaFranca Business 3 years 12/31/2019
 Tom Pierson Business 4 years 12/31/2020
 Bob Myrick Non-Motorized 4 years 12/31/2020
Jason Kennedy Transit 3 years 2/31/2019
Brian Devereux School District 2 years 12/31/2018

Non-Voting Members

Name  Represents
 Dennis Hanberg  Planning and Land Services
 Hugh Taylor  Pierce County Council
 Rob Allen  Economic Development
Toby Rickman  Public Works