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Traffic Impact Fees
Traffic Impact Fee Deferral Program
On Oct. 26, 2010, the Pierce County Council adopted two ordinances that allow builders to defer Traffic Impact Fees, Park Impact Fees, and sewer connection charges.

Read more about the deferral program on the deferral information page.
About the Traffic Impact Fee Program
The Pierce County Council, in Resolution R2001-43s, requested that Public Works work with Planning and Land Services to develop a Traffic Impact Fee (TIF) program and related regulations. On Oct. 3, 2006, the Council passed Ordinance 2006-60s, which authorizes the county to charge traffic impact fees for land development actions. The companion Ordinance 2006-61s, which revises the site-specific roadway requirements for land developers, was also passed by Council on Oct. 3, 2006. The effective date of both ordinances was Jan. 1, 2007.
What are Traffic Impact Fees
 What are Impact Fees
Impact fees are charges on new development to pay for capital improvements (such as parks, schools, roads, etc.) that are needed due to the new development. 

Traffic impact fees are collected to improve the transportation system to accommodate the higher travel demand added by new development.

Learn more about Impact Fees
Traffic Impact Fee (TIF) Documents
 Impact Fee Documents
View All Impact Fee Documents
Traffic Impact Fee Calculator
 TIF Calculator
The (TIF) Calculator can be used to estimate the amount of traffic impact fees that will be required for various projects. This calculator has been provided for estimating purposes only. Actual (TIF) fee amounts will be calculated by Pierce County.
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