Tax Title Property

What does 'Tax Title' mean?

Properties offered at the Assessor Treasurer's tax foreclosure auction that did not receive the minimum bid are conveyed to Pierce County and are held in 'tax title' status. Properties authorized for disposal may be purchased.

Tax Title Parcels

Tax title parcels are sold 'AS IS' 'WHERE IS' with no warranty. Thorough research by the purchaser is highly recommended.

Current tax title property inventory consists mostly of land which is mainly beneficial to adjacent land owners.

Some properties contain environmentally sensitive areas such as wetlands or steep slopes or have other negative attributes. Some properties may also have assessments and fees that need to be paid after purchase out of tax title status.

Important Tax Title Property Information

Tax Title Properties Available

TAX TITLE AUCTION BY ELECTRONIC MEDIA to be held January 25, 2021 facilitated by


PUBLIC NOTICE is hereby given that Pierce County is making certain tax title lands available for sale as authorized by the Executive and Pierce County Council. Pierce County shall on the 25th  day of January 2021, at 8:30 a.m. on the Bid4Assets website located at, sell the list of tax title lands, further described and posted at and at the Pierce County Department of Facilities Management office, 1102 Broadway, Suite 302, Tacoma, to the highest and best bidder.  Prospective bidders must deposit $765 to participate in bidding. A deposit paid by a winning bidder will be applied to the balance due. However, a winning bidder who does not comply with the terms of sale will forfeit the deposit.   Deposits paid by a nonwinning bidder will be refunded within ten business days of the close of the sale.

Tax Title Lands List (PDF)

If you are interested in purchasing tax title land from the list, please register and submit your auction deposit at prior to 1:00 P.M. PT, Tuesday January  19th, 2021. Please wire your deposit well in advance to ensure your ability to bid in the auction on January 25, 2021.