Case Schedule & Noncompliance Information

Noncompliance Hearings

Noncompliance hearings are set by the court when a case schedule deadline has not been met. If the missing item is filed or scheduled prior to the noncompliance hearing, the hearing may be cancelled and you will not need to appear.

Please Note

Please note this hearing is not the time to argue other matters or request some other relief. The other parties have received notice of the noncompliance hearing only and it is not fair (due process) for you to request something else at that time without notice to the other party.

Consent for Release of Information

This is in the case of a Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) / Child Protective Services (CPS) or Washington State Patrol (WSP) criminal history record not being filed:
  • Complete a DCFS / CPS Consent form and file a copy of the consent at the clerk's office with a cover sheet.
  • Contact the Washington State Patrol to obtain the Washington State criminal history background check and file at the clerk's office with a cover sheet.
  • Pierce County local court rule (PCLSPR 94.04(f)) requires the petitioner of a nonparental custody petition to obtain a WSP and CPS background check on themselves and all adult household members.

Certification of Parenting Class - Not filed

Pierce County Local Rule (PCLSPR 94.05) requires completion of an approved parenting seminar by all parties involved in a family law case requiring a parenting plan or residential schedule for minor children. This includes dissolutions, modifications of custody, nonparental custody and establishment of residential schedules, but does not apply to modification cases based solely upon relocation.

Confirmation of Service - Not Filed

Refer to Pierce County Local Rule 2 for information on this or view the What You Need to Know about Service slideshow, a presentation provided by Tacoma-Pierce Coordinated Family Law Project.

Settlement Conference Not Confirmed by Deadline

Use the resources below to find out what to do if this happens:

Parenting Investigator Retainer & Order Appointing Guardian Ad Litem - Not Filed