Helpful Resources

Tools to Help You In Family Court

Explanations of Different Aspects of Family Court Cases

  • Adequate Cause - This an overview of the requirements for adequate cause which are required to continue a petition for nonparental custody or modification of custody.
  • Relocation - Read an overview of the requirements for relocation notice and how to object to a relocation.
  • Modification of Child Support - This is an overview of how to request a modification of child support.
  • Noncompliance Order and Hearings - How to respond to a noncompliance order and links to documents and other sites to answer your questions.
  • Parenting Seminars - Here are details regarding the approved Impact on Children Seminar required for dissolutions, modifications of custody, non-parental custody and establishment of residential schedules filed in Pierce County.
Finalizing Your Case (with or without a Trial)

Miscellaneous Resources to Help You & Your Family While you are in Family Court

Tools for Co Parenting and Cooperation before, during, and after you are in Family Court

 our family wizard  The Our Family Wizard website offers an array of tools to help reduce conflict by providing a central, secured location to document and share important information.
talking parents   The Talking Parents website is a free replacement for email, text, and all other electronic communications between parents.