Audit Reports by Year

Performance Audit Reports (By Year)


    • Pierce County Broadband Connectivity & Access Evaluation, April 2019, By Magellan Advisors, Denver, CO


    • Pierce County Animal Sheltering Costs, Report, November 2018, By Liz DuBois, The Athena Group, Olympia, WA
    • Pierce County Senior Center and Prevention Services and Programs Funding, Report, September 2018, By William Vetter, Jason Escareno, and Rebecca Chapman
    • Pierce County School Impact Fee Program Review, Report, March 2018, By Community Attributes, Inc.


    • Designation of County Employees as Full-Time and Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) Exempt, Report, October 2017, By Mercer, Inc.
    • Evaluation of Fuel Service Options at Pierce County Airport - Thun Field, Report, July 2017, by FCS Group
    • Market Analysis of Hangar Lease Rates at the Tacoma Narrows Airport, Report, August 2017, by Valbridge Property Advisors
    • Corrections Bureau Staffing Analysis, March 2017, by CRS, Inc.


    • Evaluation of Pierce County Public Works' Safety and Claims Management Practices, Report, March 2014, by The Athena Group
    • Evaluation of Pierce County Detention Operations, Report, September 2014, by CGL


    • Evaluation of Corrections Bureau Misdemeanor Jail Rates, Report and Report Methodology, October 2013, by The Athena Group and Robert C. Thomas and Associates
    • Evaluation of On-Call Employees in Pierce County, Audit Report, January 2013, by the Performance Audit Office and FLT Consulting, Inc.
    • Feasibility Study of Consolidation of Natural Resource Land Management
      Audit Report, October 2012, by FCS Group
    • Evaluation of Pierce County's Approach to Information Technology
      Audit Report, August 2012, by Moss-Adams, LLC


    • Juvenile Court Functional Analysis
      Audit Report, September 2011, by FLT Consulting, Inc. and Robert C. Thomas and Associates
    • Human Resources Training: Planning Study
      Report, June 2011, by William Vetter
    • Performance Audit Planning Assessment
      Report, December 2010 - January 2011, by Intellibridge Partners, LLC