Water Quality Services 

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Improve ecosystem health in Pierce County by managing stormwater systems, monitoring watersheds and building partnerships.

Water Quality Monitoring: Monitor water quality, groundwater levels, stream flows and biology at more than 65 sites throughout Pierce County. This leads us to better understand the threats to local waterways and ways we can improve them. Monitoring some local waterways is required by state law. 

Technical Assistance for Stormwater Systems: Inspect more than 2,200 publicly and privately owned stormwater facilities per year and provide technical assistance for businesses.

Stormwater Pollution Inspection and Troubleshooting: Respond to, investigate and facilitate clean-up of pollution in stormwater systems and local waterways.

Municipal Stormwater Permit: Responsible for reporting, coordinating and administering the National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit for Pierce County.

Regional Coordination: Participation in regional boards and other groups related to recovery of Puget Sound and connected waterways.

TMDL: A program guided by the U.S. Clean Water Act to restore polluted water bodies. Read about the Clark's Creek Restoration Plan here. The plan was created to restore water quality and protect the creek through a series of capital projects and programs identified and prioritized to treat stormwater flow and reduce sediment in the creek. The plan is to be funded through a combination of local dollars and local, state and federal grant monies. A review in five years - 2021 - will reassess the plan and potentially recommend changes.

Shellfish Protection: Conduct shellfish beach sampling and coordinate with the Tacoma-Pierce County Health Department and other partners on programs to keep pollutants out of shellfish beds.

Watershed Councils: Provide staff support and participate on four watershed councils: Nisqually River Council, Puyallup River Watershed Council, Chambers-Clover Watershed Council and Key Peninsula-Gig Harbor-Islands Watershed Council.

Salmon Recovery: Administer the Salmon Recovery Lead Entity funding for WRIA 10/12 and participate in salmon recovery efforts locally and regionally.
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