Recording, Excise, and Map Fees

Cash, checks, money orders, and credit/debit cards are accepted for in person transactions. Please make checks payable to Pierce County Auditor for transactions via mail.

Note:  Effective June 7th, 2018 recording fees have increased.

Recording Fees

Type of Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Standard fee: First page $99.00
Standard fee: Each additional page
Exceptions: Assignment of Deed of Trust, Resignation of Trustee, Appointment of Trustee and Substitution of Trustee, IRS Federal Tax Lien & Release Documents - First page $16.00
Exceptions: Each additional page $1.00
First page - Lien/Satisfaction of Lien recorded by state, county, and city offices only. $37.00
Each additional page $1.00
Deed of Trust - First page $100.00
Divorce Decrees and Death, Marriage, and Birth Certificates $37.00
Each additional page $1.00
Recording of multiple title documents, for each title/transaction after the first (depending upon document title and fee listed above) $16, $37, $99, or $100
Non-standard documents, in addition to recording fee $50.00
Military Separation Record - Form DD214 No Fee
Request for Exemption from Public Disclosure of Military Discharge Papers
No Fee
References RCW 36 - RCW 58.24 - WAC 332-150

Excise Fees

Type of Excise Fees
Fee Amount
Processing tax-free excise tax affidavits
Processing excise tax affidavits with tax owing $0.01-4.99 $10.00 minus tax
Processing taxable excise tax affidavits  $5.00 plus tax
References RCW 82.45 82.46 - WAC Chapter 458-61A

*A merchant fee will be charged on all taxable excise transactions when paying by credit/debit card.*

Map Recording Fees

Type of Map Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Boundary Line Adjustment, Resolution, or Revision
Surveys, Site Plans, Short Plats or Large Lots $183.00
Each additional page $5.00
Plats and Condos, up to 40 lots including seals $183.00
Above 40 lots & over 5 seals
add $0.50 per additional lot and $1.00 per additional seal
Cemetery Plats, up to 40 lots and 5 seals $183.00
Above 40 lots & over 5 seals
add $0.25 per additional lot and $1.00 per additional seal
Lot Combination - First Page $163.00
Each additional page $1.00

Miscellaneous Recording Fees

Type of Miscellaneous Recording Fees
Fee Amount
Certified photocopies, legal size or less, first page
Each additional page $1.00
Uncertified photocopies, legal size or less, per page $1.00
Searching records, including UCC searches, per hour (copies require additional fee) $8.00
Map copies, 18' x 24', per page
Mylar - $7.00; Bond - $5.00; additional page $1.00