GIS Partner Services

Responsibilities & Services

Pierce County Geographic Information Services (GIS) offers government agencies, businesses and the public access to advanced GIS technology as a paid service. Before choosing one of the paid services, be sure to check out the free GIS applications.

The purpose of providing enterprise GIS services is to offer secure and reliable access to the county's GIS resources. To determine if you would benefit from our GIS services answer the following questions:
  • Are you using GIS for a specific short-term project in Pierce County? Do you currently use GIS software (ESRI ArcView, ArcGIS or AutoCAD)? Do you need to add to or modify the county data for your project?
  • Do you work on multiple projects per year in Pierce County? Do you need current data for each project and possibly unique data for each project? Do you need to view all county GIS data and produce maps? Do you occasionally need to create a new map dataset of your own that overlays the county data?
    • If yes to any of these questions, you should inquire about the CountyView Web services.
  • Do you work on many complex GIS projects that require current data? Do you need to view and spatially query data sets? Do you need to create new or edit/modify GIS datasets or attributes? Do you have GIS data that needs to be viewed with County data? Do you need the full, advanced user suite of GIS software functionality and have 1-9 users in this category to justify the additional services and costs associated with this level of access?
    • If yes to any of these questions, you should inquire about the CountyView Pro services.

If you are interested in receiving more information about any of these options please contact Trisha James, GIS services coordinator, at (253) 798-4929.

Additionally, Pierce County internal business systems can be used by others for quick viewing of permit data, emergency management preparedness and response and other key business processes. Pierce County provides several agencies with web services that use their data and Pierce County systems. If you are interested in any of these additional services please contact Brandy Riche, GIS Manager, at (253) 798-4929.

CountyView Web

CountyView Web is an innovative ArcIMS-based software system for the viewing, query and light editing of GIS data. The system has the same data menu functionality and access to over 800 datasets as the more advanced CountyView Pro system. The CountyView Web system has additional functionality to locate by numerous criteria, create an owner notify list, add local GIS data and link to other GIS applications with the Open@ function. Editing tools allow users to create simple line, point and polygon datasets. CountyView Web is very user-friendly and should be used by the casual or expert GIS user. Training is four hours and is free to users of the system. The system is web-based and security is controlled by user authentication.

The CountyView Web fee funds the operation, maintenance and support of spatial data servers, SQL Server / SDE database, Latitude Geographics software, ESRI ArcIMS software and the nine terrabyte of data storage needed for this application. The fee also includes 12 hours of GIS support for in-depth questions and projects.

Additional Information

CountyView Pro

CountyView Pro is an advanced ArcGIS-based software system for the creation, editing and maintenance of GIS data. The system provides all ArcGIS functionality as well as several extensions, an Owner Notify application and a data menu with over 800 datasets. Advanced features include the Open@ menu which dynamically links and opens different GIS applications at the user's current geographic location. A full suite of editing tools with ArcInfo-like editing capabilities is available, and a data menu that includes a County Department choice where with one click of the menu, a customized base map can be loaded with all of the layers commonly used by that department or division. Many more advanced GIS functions are available with this system and it requires 3 days of training at a cost of $250 per person for CountyView Pro subscribers.

Additional Information

  • CountyView Pro Service Description
  • Partners to the CountyView Pro system are connected via a highspeed internet connection to the County's network. Additional hardware, services and devices may need to be purchased by the partner to have this level of access and services.
  • Service fees:

View a functional comparison of CountyView Web and CountyView Pro.

The Bonus

If you choose to be a CountyView Pro or CountyView Web partner, you also have the option to add recent and historical orthophotos, impervious surface data and lidar-based two-inch contours to your service package. There is an additional fee for this add-on capability, but it can significantly enhance your GIS experience. To see a full description of orthophotography go to Analysis and Data Constructions and access Orthophotography.