Current Planning

Current Planning implements Pierce County's Comprehensive Plan Policies through the adopted Development Regulations, subdivisions, shorelines, and other related land use ordinances and codes.

Current Planning Staff:
Current Planning Policies:
Our reviews are divided between those requiring a Public Hearing and those that do not:

Public Hearing Reviews

  • preliminary plats and final plats
  • planned development districts
  • conditional use permits
  • shoreline substantial developments
  • nonconforming use permits
  • variances
  • master plan communities
  • administrative appeals
  • major amendments
  • reconsiderations

Administrative Reviews

  • administrative use permits
  • minor amendments
  • plat alterations
  • zoning letters
  • nonconforming use letters
  • short plats and amendments
  • large lots and amendments
  • binding site plans
  • boundary line revisions
  • innocent purchaser
  • general public inquiries
Environmental Review Functions Include:

  • review, analyze, and process environmental checklists for projects requiring environmental review in accordance with SEPA and Title 18D
  • coordinate environmental review by various Federal, State, and local government agencies and Indian Tribes
  • consult with members of the general public
  • evaluate the environmental impacts of a proposed project and identify methods to reduce the impacts
  • issue threshold determinations for projects requiring environmental review; if significant adverse environmental impacts are probable, an environmental impact statement (EIS) is required and a determination of significance (DS) is issued; if there will be no significant impacts or the impacts can be mitigated, a determination of nonsignificance (DNS) is issued