Development Engineering

The engineers, surveyors and technicians of the Development Engineering Section provide review and inspection of the site work (grading, filling, clearing, road building, storm drainage & site stabilization) associated with land development projects in Pierce County.

These services are intended to facilitate responsible land development and provide reasonable checks and balances in the general public interest. This is routinely accomplished by reviewing project plans for regulatory compliance and then inspecting the physical construction to verify compliance with the approved plans.

Development Engineering Staff Directories:

Areas of Development Engineering Review:
  • stormwater impacts to increased impervious areas (roads, rooftops, and parking lots)
  • grading, filling, and erosion control
  • traffic impacts and mitigation
  • site regulation inspections
  • floodplain regulation
  • landslide and erosion hazard areas
  • access to County right-of-way
  • private road and emergency vehicle standards
  • NPDES (National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System)
  • survey content according to WAC 332-130
  • right-of-way deeds, maintenance agreements, and financial guarantees