Canyon Road East - 99th Street Court East to 84th Street East (CRP 5726)

What’s Happening

Construction on a project to enhance safety and relieve traffic congestion on Canyon Road East between 99th Street Court East and 84th Street East began April 8. 

Crews will work 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. Monday to Thursday. The road may be periodically reduced to one lane with alternating traffic between 8:30 a.m. and 3 p.m.

A significant portion of the construction work is expected to be completed by February 2021. Minor work will continue through February 2022. If a winter suspension is needed due to weather, this schedule could be impacted.

Image of the project vicinity map.
Photo of Canyon Road East near the 96th Street East intersection.

About the Project

Canyon Road East from 96th Street East to 84th Street East will be widened to five lanes, with two through lanes in each direction and a two-way left-turn lane. This section will have paved shoulders, curbs, gutters, and sidewalks.  

Canyon Road East from 99th Street Court East to 96th Street East will be widened to four lanes, with two through lanes in each direction. This section will have paved shoulders and barrier curbs on the west side, and curbs, gutters, and sidewalks on the east side. 

A new traffic signal will be added at the Canyon Road East and 96th Street East intersection. The Canyon Road East and 84th Street East intersection will be widened, and a new traffic signal system will be installed to accommodate the new configuration. 

Street lighting, an enclosed storm drain system, and stormwater storage and treatment facilities will be added as part of the project. 
Image of the proposed roadway section.

Construction Schedule

Utility relocation work began in 2019 and was completed in June.

Construction work began on the east side of the project, with crews clearing the project site through mid-May. Work to install storm drainage facilities ran from mid-May to late August. A 35-foot-long retaining wall has been built about 200 feet east of the Canyon Road East and 84th Street East intersection.

Crews will install traffic signal system infrastructure from late July to late October. Curbs and gutters were installed from early September to early October. Paving work took place in early October. The sidewalks, curb ramps and street lights are expected to be installed in November, although the work is weather dependent. 

Work is scheduled to shift to the west side of the project in mid-October, with crews installing drainage facilities, street lights, traffic signal system infrastructure, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Paving work is expected to take place in December, although the work is weather dependent.

From October to February, crews will finish paving and will restripe the road into the new configuration. This work is weather dependent. The new traffic signal systems will be activated after the restriping work.

Landscaping maintenance is expected to run through February 2022.

Rhino Construction is the contractor, and will follow updated safety guidelines that comply with current Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines. The construction cost is approximately $8.9 million and is funded with County Road Funds, Traffic Impact Fees and Washington State Transportation Improvement Board Urban Arterial Program funds.

This project will support the planned Canyon Road Regional Connection Project. Learn more at

Project Timeline

August 23, 2019: Bid Opening date

September 3, 2019: Pierce County awarded the contract to Rino Construction.

December 2019 to April 2020: Utility Relocation Phase

April 2020: Anticipated Notice to Proceed

April 2020-February 2021: Construction underway

February 2022: Landscape maintenance period ends

Right-of-Way Plans

Image of Right-of-Way Plans cover sheet.

Construction Plans (Sheets 1-60)

Image of Construction Plans cover sheet.

Construction Plans (Sheets 61-122)

Image of Construction Plans cover sheet.
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