Waller Road East / 128th Street East (CRP 5633)

Waller Rd E / 128th St E Intersection Banner

What's Happening

The Contractor, Northwest Cascade, Inc., is on-site performing the following work:
  • Maintaining erosion control measures
  • Installing new signal system

About the Project

This project provides improvements to the Waller Road East / 128th Street East (CRP 5633) intersection by constructing a fully actuated traffic signal system with left turn lanes on all four legs of the intersection and paved shoulders with asphalt barrier curb. The improvements include modification to the existing Clover Creek Stormwater Detention Pond and installation of water quality treatment facilities. This work includes but is not limited to, clearing and grubbing, roadway excavation and embankment, crushed surfacing, hot mix asphalt, enclosed storm drainage conveyance system, and other work.

Project Timeline

April 28, 2017: Bid Opening date

May 09, 2017: Pierce County awarded the contract to 
Northwest Cascade, Inc.  

July 06, 2017:
 Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

July 17, 2017:
 Pierce County issued the Notice to Proceed

1st Quarter 2018:
 Anticipated Substantial Completion
 March 2018:
 Anticipated Physical Completion

October 2018: PSIPE Completion
Contact Us
Chris Estep
Construction Inspection Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-6814
Northwest Cascade, Inc.
Phone: (800) 444-2371
4301 South Pine Street, Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409
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