Puyallup River Flood Protection at Orville Road

2017_image of Puyallup River along Orville Road

What's Happening

Construction Phase II was completed at the end of February 2018. Work included 28 engineered log jams designed to protect Orville Road. Active Construction of Puyallup was the contractor for this phase. 

A third phase, 2B, is scheduled to begin in Summer 2019 and will be completed in late Fall.

About the Project

The Orville Road setback levee project will eventually protect two miles of Orville Road between Electron Road and 249th St. E. near Orting. The existing levee and revetment along the Orville Road side of the Puyallup River has been damaged in multiple locations, because the river channel is migrating toward Orville Road. In 2015, a $200,000 grant was received from the Salmon Recovery Funding Board to support land acquisition for this project. In 2015 and 2016, properties were purchased in the area. The project is scheduled in five phases:

Phase 1 - Completed 2013

Constructed about 700 feet of setback revetment made of discontinuous engineered log jams (ELJs), and 6 ELJs placed on the gravel bar to deflect flows away from Orville Road. The setback revetment protects Orville Road and provides salmon habitat.

Phase 2A - Completed 2018

This $1.2 million phase addressed the area just downstream of the Champion Bridge (river miles 28.3-28.6 and 27-27.7). Construction included engineered log jams along the existing levee to create smaller side channels that are less erosive and provide salmon habitat. The 3,000-foot discontinuous dolo timber revetment and a series of engineered log jams will deflect the river away from the revetment and provide salmon habitat.

Phase 2A was funded with a grant from Washington State's Floodplains by Design. 

Phases 2B was funded by Washington Floodplains by Design and the Pierce County Flood Control Zone District.

The remaining three phases will start after funding is secured. 

Benefits include:
  • Reduces flood risk along Orville Road and surrounding properties
  • Stabilizes river channel away from existing development
  • Enhances salmon habitat
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Project Manager
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