2016 Supplement to the Solid Waste Management Plan

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February 2017 (4MB)
State law (RCW 70.95) requires each county to plan for the management of solid waste, including waste reduction strategies and recycling programs. Our existing plan was created in 2000 and updated in 2008.

The draft supplement was developed with community input and will be reviewed and adopted by the County Council and 21 city and town councils. 
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  • Aug 2014
    Begin work on supplement
  • Jul–Sept 2015
    Public workshops
  • Oct 2015
    Submit supplement to County Council
  • Mar 2016
    County Council initiates formal review
  • Sept 2016
    County Council receives results of formal review
  • Mar 2017
    County Council adopts Supplement

Next Steps

  • Cities and towns concur with adoption
  • Department of Ecology approves Supplement 
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Project Details

Who worked on this project?

Project Management Team
Staff and management from Pierce County Public Works, Tacoma Environmental Services and the Washington State Department of Ecology worked together as the core project management team. They developed concepts, drafted proposals and wrote the plan.

EnviroIssues facilitated the work of the project management team and was the primary editor of the Supplement. The firm, with an office in downtown Tacoma, specializes in community outreach, public involvement planning, communications strategies, web design and development and graphic design.

Solid Waste Advisory Committee
The 19 members of the Solid Waste Advisory Committee (SWAC) reviewed draft concept pieces as they were developed, asking tough and necessary questions of staff and project team members and hosted community conversations on the plan at their 2015 SWAC meetings.