CCB West Canopy Entry

We've got you covered

More often than not, commercial or civic buildings offer covered entrances, canopies or other weather protective features at their main entrances. Though the County-City Building has many great features, a covered entry at the West Entrance (2nd floor entrance) was not one of them until now!

New canopy features

Better way finding: The new canopy provides better way finding to the building's front doors as well as an established identity to the CCB, complementing the architecture of the existing facility.

Protection from the weather: The glass roof provides enhanced weather protection while maintaining a bright and airy plaza. The stainless steel brackets and handrails contrast with the dark colored steel supporting structure much like the existing building’s contrasting colors and materials.
Canopies covering entryway into building
Streamlined security: During high volumes of public visitation, the security screening process can lead to lines forming outside of the building’s entrances. The canopy is aligned with the public entry doors and contains railings and signs to inform the entering public which line to proceed in and what measures they should prepare for before entering the security screening stations inside.
Energy efficient LED lighting: The canopy is illuminated with LED strip lights attached to the steel support beams and is illuminated from dusk to dawn with dimmable capabilities.

The handrails also feature blue colored LED light strips illuminating from the bottom creating a halo effect of blue light at ground level directly under the canopy.

Complement current architecture: The new entry canopy complements the existing architecture by combining the use of glass as its roof, stainless steel glass support brackets and dark grey structural steel posts and beams. The three interlaced butterfly shaped canopies combine to create one covered progression to the building entrance.
Canopies lighted at night

Construction of the canopy

Construction of the canopy happened in two phases.

Phase 1 occurred off-site, where the contractor fabricated all materials for the structure including steel plates, beams and hand-rails.

Phase 2 was implemented once all materials were fabricated. The site for the new canopy was fenced off and assembly began.
Shot of steel canopy construction materials
Steel canopy construction material bars
Steel canopy construction plate with bolts