Residential Resurfacing Program

Each year, Pierce County identifies roads in neighborhoods that need to be resurfaced. By resurfacing the roadway, we can extend its life seven to 10 years and reduce maintenance costs.

We will announce 2019 locations in the spring.

About the work

A contractor resurfaces the roads. The work may consist of the following treatments:

  • Microsurfacing or slurry seal: A thin layer of liquid asphalt and rock is placed on the road. This work seals, smooths and protects the roadway. 

    The road will be closed during the application, and on-road parking will be prohibited. Signs and cones will be used to indicate which roads are closed. The road will be closed for three to seven hours after the application, depending on temperature and humidity. We expect to have the road back open by 5 p.m. 
  • Cape seal: Some roads will receive a cape seal, which is a chipseal followed by a microsurfacing treatment. Not all roads in your neighborhood will be cape sealed. Some roads that are in better condition may only receive the microsurfacing treatment.

    During chipsealing, a coat of liquid asphalt and a layer of rock chips are applied to the road. The roadway is then swept clean of loose rock chips. The road will remain open. On-road parking will be prohibited during the application. You can drive on the roadway immediately after the application. Microsurfacing will occur approximately one or two weeks after the chipseal is complete.

  • Preparation work: Prior to this work, you may see Pierce County crews preparing the road. This could include street sweeping or making minor repairs. This step is important, as it ensures the treatment sets up correctly and lasts as expected.
How you can help
  • Expect delays. We will work with our contractor to keep the delays to a minimum. 
  • Plan ahead. On-road parking will be prohibited during the work. The road will be closed during microsurfacing and slurry sealing. Watch for additional information. Please find alternative parking outside the work area. 
  • Remove personal items from the roadway, such as basketball hoops and garbage cans.
  • Keep water from running into the roadway if you are washing your car or watering your yard during the work. 
  • Be cautious. Please limit pedestrian activity near the work area.
Request a schedule adjustment
We recognize this work may be an inconvenience. We want to work with you to minimize impacts to your schedule. Please call (253) 798-6000 to discuss how we might adjust the work schedule to accommodate any appointments or visitors.
Request a presentation
If you would like us to provide a presentation on this work at a homeowner association meeting or other community meeting, please call (253) 798-6000.

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