Orthophoto and Impervious Surface Data

View Orthophoto Data

Pierce County orthophotography can be viewed in PublicGIS by clicking on the Aerial button in the top right corner of the interface. The slider bar can be used to create a transparency allowing you to view a combination of base maps.

Purchase Orthophoto Data 

Pierce County LICENSES orthophotography and impervious surface data from 3rd party vendors. There is ortho imagery flown on different years with different levels of accuracy. The following is a summary of vendors who have imagery for the County:

Sanborn Map Company, Inc.

Flight dates: 2014
Extents: near countywide coverage
Projection: NAD 83 (1991)Washington State Plane South Zone

Contact: Jason Caldwell
The Sanborn Map Company, Inc.
1935 Jamboree Drive, Suite #100
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Phone: 719-264-5547
Toll Free: 1-877-368-9702
Email: jcaldwell@sanborn.com
Web Site: http://sanborn.com/
Aeroquest Mapcon Inc. Mapping Products
Flight dates: 2005, 2008, and 2011
Extents: near countywide coverage
2011: 1.0 ft. pixel resolution, color imagery
2005 and 2008: 0.5 ft pixel resolution, color imagery
File format: Uncompressed TIFF
Projection: NAD 83 (1991)Washington State Plane South Zone

Contact: Bill Dawson, Regional GIS Manager
Aeroquest Mapcon Inc.
Phone: 425-894-9146
Email: bdawson@aeroquestmapcon.com
Web Site: http://aeroquestmapcon.com/
Aerials Express Product
Flight dates: September - October 2007, Next Flight Date: 2009
Extents: Canadian border through Chehalis in the south, Appx. 7,000 square miles
1-foot pixel resolution, color imagery
File formats: ECW or SID Compression, or Uncompressed TIFF
Projections available: UTM, WA State Plane North & South - NAD83
Available for full region, partial regions or individual extracts
Similar imagery available for every major metropolitan area in the continental US
Also available GIS layers with the imagery:
10ft USGS Contours
FEMA flood maps
TeleAtlas road, place, zip code, etc. layers
Parcel files for major counties
ECEY View GIS software
John Nagy
Aerials Express - Washington
2212 Queen Anne Ave. N #414
Seattle, WA 98108
Web Site: www.aerials-gis.com