Foothills Trail (South Prairie to Buckley) - Phase 2

Banner photo of mossy trail

What's Happening

Pierce County issued the Substantial Completion on August 29, 2017 and the trail is open to the public.  The project's wetland mitigation site will continue to receive maintenance until the Spring of 2019.

About the Project

Planned improvements to Foothills Trail - South Prairie to Buckley
CSM 6164)
will tie the previously built section of the trail (Phase 1) to the existing Foothills Trail section in the City of Buckley. Improvements will include the following:
  • Adding 1.32 miles of new trail, including 0.54 miles of elevated pin pile bridge
  • Adding 0.78 miles of horse path adjacent to the trail.

Project Timeline

May 13, 2016: Pierce County awarded the contract to Pivetta Brothers

June 16, 2016: Pierce County hosted the Pre-Construction Meeting

July 13, 2016: Pierce County issued the Notice To Proceed

August 29, 2017:  Substantial Completion 
March 2019: Anticipated Physical Completion 

Contact Us
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Curt Bright
Construction Inspection Supervisor
Phone: (253) 798-6824
Pivetta Brothers Construction, Inc.
Phone: (253) 862-7290
4301 South Pine Street, Suite 628
Tacoma, WA 98409
1812 Pease Avenue
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