2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments

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The application period for the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendments closed on July 31, 2018. Please refer to the Guidelines document for additional information on the 2019 Comprehensive Plan Amendment process.

Summary of Amendments & Access to Applications

A summary table of the amendments received is found here. Below please find a listing of the Application Number, Applicant and short Description of the amendments. Click on the Application Number and it will take you to the Planning and Public Works permit center online page for each application where you may access the application and other documents that will be posted during the review process.

Amendments Initiated

The following Comprehensive Plan Amendments were initiated by the Pierce County Council on September 18, 2018 through Resolution No. R2018-108s:

Urban Growth Area (UGA)/Potential Annexation Area (PAA) Amendments
Land Use Application Number (PALS+) Applicant  Description 
891681 Pierce County Planning and Public Works (PPW) Reduce the City of Gig Harbor UGA, approx. 263 acres, East Gig Harbor area.
891623 City of Buckley  New UGA for the City of Buckley -  based on 2014 UGA application.

Area-Wide Map Amendments

Land Use Application Number Applicant  Description 
891418 Charles Bitton Valley Ave. NE/Milwaukee Ave. E. area, north of the City of Puyallup - Change designation on 2 parcels to better reflect current use and neighborhood zoning, one to Neighborhood Center and the other to Employment Center.
890881 Azure Green Consultants Valley Ave. NE/Milwaukee Ave. E. area, north of the City of Puyallup - Redesignate 7 parcels from MSF to Employment Center.
891322 Pierce County Parks and Recreation Designate 4 Pierce County Parks properties with the Parks and Recreation land use designation.
891875 Key Peninsula Metropolitan Park District  Designate 4 parks properties as Parks and Recreation consistent with other Key Peninsula parks adjoining properties.
891914 Douglas and Susan Baron Designate 2 parcels as Rural Neighborhood Center (RNC) at SR 162 and Pioneer Way E. in the Alderton-McMillin Community Plan area. (Also see companion application 891942 - Community Plan Amendment.)
891909 12905- 140th Ave. LLC  Designate 5 parcels as Rural Industrial Center (RIC) on the north end of the existing RIC in Alderton-McMillin Community Plan area. (Also see companion applications 891940 - Community Plan Amendment and 891941 - Text Amendment.)

Comprehensive Plan Text Amendments

Land Use Application Number   Applicant Description 
891325 Pierce County Parks and Recreation  Addresses text changes to Chapter 11, Parks and Recreation Element, and other general portions for consistency with the Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan (PROS) level of service amendments. 
891589  PPW  Designate Centers of Local Importance for Puget Sound Regional Council recognition. 
891585 PPW JBLM Noise Disclosure Policies - Policies to support notification of property owners around the Base of potential noise impacts from on-Base military activities.
891627 PPW Rural School Policies - Amend policies consistent with State legislation allowing schools in the rural area, and extension of sewer service to schools in the rural area serving urban students.
891586 PPW High Density Single-Family (HSF) Policies - Policy to allow for attached single-family residential types in the HSF zone.
891683  Pierce County Council Add policy requiring concurrency of school services with development.
891686 Raining Mountain LLC Add policies to the Land Use Element - Gateway Communities recognizing the Upper Nisqually Community Plan policies to provide year-around, family-wage jobs. (Also see companion application 891709 - Community Plan Amendment.)
891941 12905- 140th Ave. LLC Amend Comprehensive Plan policies regarding Rural Industrial Centers (RIC) to be consistent with allowances under the Limited Areas of more Intensive Rural Development (LAMIRD). (Also see companion applications:  891940 - Community Plan Amendment and 891909 - Area-Wide Map Amendment.)

Community Plan Amendments

Land Use Application Number Applicant  Description 
891709 Raining Mountain LLC  Amendments to text and policies to allow for light industrial uses in Village Center designation of the Gateway Communities in the Upper Nisqually Community Plan area. (Also see companion application 891686 - Comprehensive Plan Amendment.) 
891942 Douglas and Susan Baron  Amend Community Plan text to reflect a Rural Neighborhood Center (RNC) at SR 162 and Pioneer Way E. (Also see companion application 891914 - Area-Wide Map Amendment.) 
891940 12905- 140th Ave. LLC Amend Community Plan text and land use tables consistent with the designation of 5 parcels to Rural Industrial Center (RIC). (Also see companion applications 891909 - Area-Wide Map Amendment, and 891941 - Comprehensive Plan Text Amendment.)
891624 PPW Technical Amendment - Update land use tables in Community Plans to reflect Agricultural Resource Lands (ARL) settlement.
 895958 Peninsula Advisory Commission Amend Gig Harbor Peninsula Community Plan policies as Commission finds necessary to pursue a tree canopy coverage goal of 75 percent within the Urban Sensitive Resource overlay and the Rural Sensitive Resource zone to implement the Gig Harbor Peninsula Open Space Corridors map.

Jeffey D. Mann, AICP, Senior Planner