Affordable Housing Development Finance

Affordable Housing Development Finance Programs:

In coordination with the Pierce County Community Development Corporation (CDC) Community Connections provides financing for the development and preservation of affordable rental housing and the development of homeownership opportunities for lower income households.

At a minimum once per year the Department issues a Notice of Fund Availability for the following funds.
  • HOME Investment Partnership Program; and
  • SHB 2060 Affordable Housing For All.
Funding from the affordable housing NOFA can fund the following activities:
  • Acquisition and new construction of affordable rental housing;
  • Acquisition and rehabilitation of affordable rental housing;
  • Rehabilitation of existing affordable rental housing;
  • Acquisition and new construction of homeownership housing; and
  • Operating and Maintenance of existing affordable rental housing.

Home Program Resources:

HOME Program Regulations
2019 HOME Program Income and Rent Limits for Pierce County
Pierce County HOME Rental Housing Policies
Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO) Application

SHB 2060 Program Resources:

SHB 2060 Legislation
2016 2060 Program Income and Rent Limits

Affordable Housing Awards:

2017 Affordable Housing Capital Awards
2018 Affordable Housing Awards
2019 Affordable Housing Awards

For more information contact:

Bryan Schmid, Housing Supervisor
Ph: (253) 798-6909